Seasons for Growth – change, loss and grief program training

Good Grief are running the ‘Seasons for growth’ Companion training for people working with Children and Young people.

Seasons for Growth aims to strengthen the social and emotional well being of children and young people (aged 6-18) who are dealing with significant life changes. Companions are the people who lead Seasons for Growth groups.

The Seasons for Growth Children and Young People’s Program, and Adult Program are small group programs (4-7 participants) delivered over 4-8 sessions. Each participant receives a journal to complete throughout the program. The topics covered in each session of the program include:

•   Seasons and Change (autumn)

•   My story and grief reactions (winter)

•   Feelings and memories (spring)

•   Choices and moving forward (summer)

As the name ‘Seasons for Growth’ implies, the different seasons of the year provide a rich symbolic framework in which to explore issues of change and loss. Drawing on the wide variation in the seasons, both in Australia and elsewhere, the metaphor speaks to the ‘ups and downs’ of life, reflecting both the competence and vulnerability of children, as well as the unique ways different ‘seasons’ in life are experienced.

The four seasons are each linked to one of J William Worden’s four tasks of grief (3rd edition, 2009).  Worden’s ‘task’ theory was originally developed to help understand bereavement. The Seasons for Growth program adapts these ‘tasks’ to help address other change and loss experiences, too.


MacKillop Family Services

237 Cecil Street
South Melbourne, 3205

Time & Date

November 28, 2019

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The cost of this event is: $650

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