Social Work Mgmt & Leadership Series: Workshop 4 Managing Unconcious Bias

When it comes to promoting fairness, diversity and inclusion as managers, we need to look inwardly first. While we can’t change what we do not see or acknowledge, we can make the unconscious conscious, and challenge our attitudes and beliefs. Looking through a management lens, this workshop explores how unconscious bias filters our approach to how we recruit, promote, allocate work and manage performance.

Learning objectives:

  • Awareness of the nature of bias in management and its impact on diversity and inclusion.
  • Identify options for identifying, managing and reducing bias in management situations.


  • Understanding bias as a manager – types and triggers
  • Inclusion and diversity – why they matter
  • How bias and stereotypes affect our managerial judgment and decision-making
  • Recognising barriers to diversity and inclusion in management
  • Practical strategies for managers to combat bias and support workplace inclusion


AASW Melbourne Office

Time & Date

May 26 @ 8:00 am - May 26 @ 10:30 am

Additional Info

The cost of this event is: $85 - $115

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