Statement on fair rental laws victory Housing and Homelessness

Statement on fair rental laws victory


Late on the night of Thursday 6 September, the Victorian Parliament passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018—a common sense Bill giving renters the support, protection and dignity they deserve.

The below remarks are attributable to VCOSS CEO Emma King:


This is a big win for Victorian renters.

These changes bring Victoria’s tenancy laws into the 21st century.

It’s now very clear: a rental property is a person’s home first.

No longer will people have to beg their landlord to make minor adjustments or live in fear of being kicked out for no good reason.

These laws will be of particular benefit to Victorian’s living with a disability who need to make basic modifications to their home, and women fleeing domestic violence who need to break a rental contract at short notice.

The changes are common sense. If you’re in a position to own an investment property you’re in a position to make sure it has lockable doors, a toilet that flushes and an oven that works.

The Victorian Government said they were going to make renting fair, and they’ve done it. They should be congratulated.

VCOSS will now work with the Government to help define the minimum rental standards in regulation, and ensure the smooth introduction of these new laws.


Earlier in the day, VCOSS and our partners from across the social sector urged crossbench MPs to support these reforms.