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An aspirational Vocational and Applied Learning System

Submission to the Review of Vocational & Applied Learning in Senior Secondary Schooling.

The Victorian Government’s VCAL review is an opportunity to ensure that the system transformation taking place in secondary schools is responsive to the diverse needs, preferences and aspirations of Victorian learners.

A responsive, future-focused system is one that provides young people with a variety of flexible options, experiences and career pathways while they are at school (or undertaking secondary-level education in an equivalent learning environment), and sets them up to make a successful transition to life beyond the school gate.

It is important that these options, experiences and pathways are inclusive of high-quality vocational and applied learning. Vocational and applied learning has relevance to all Victorian learners. However, the provision of vocational and applied learning in schools (and in the community, through flexible learning organisations), is also an important strategy for preventing education disengagement and early school leaving, and facilitating a pathway back for those who have left.


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