Poverty, COVID-19 and the road ahead…

A special Anti-Poverty Week event

Recorded live on Thursday 15th October 2020.


Event guests:

(in order of appearance)
  • Luke Donnellan, Minister for Disability, Ageing, Carers and Child Protection
  • Michael Graham, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service
  • Chris Forbes, Mallee Family Care
  • Hutch Hussein, Brotherhood of St Laurence COVID-19 Policy & Program Response Taskforce
  • Mel Thomson, TaskForce Community Agency
  • Amity Durham, Deputy Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Nicole Brady, Public Health Commander (COVID)


About ‘Voices from the Frontline’

Voices from the Frontline is being made available exclusively for VCOSS members and will be released publicly on 29 October.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence’s wanted to understand and unpack how a pandemic can further exacerbate financial and social exclusion. This insight series and its recommendations aim to inform future policy-making, community service sector delivery as well as the public debate whilst illuminating:

  1. How COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting disadvantaged communities;
  2. Ways that communities are utilising their strengths and/or how government could further harness their assets; and
  3. Insights that weren’t expected, as well as verification of themes already canvassed in the media.
Read the report

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