VCOSS unveils pre-budget blueprint to ‘deliver fairness’ Budget

VCOSS unveils pre-budget blueprint to ‘deliver fairness’


The Victorian Council of Social Service is releasing a policy blueprint for the Andrews Labor Government to further embed fairness and opportunity across the state.

VCOSS CEO Emma King said the pre-budget submission Delivering Fairness builds on Labor’s exiting positive social policy achievements, which include strengthening tenants’ rights, important education equity initiatives and conducting the Family Violence Royal Commission.

“Now is the time to double-down on these gains and genuinely reshape Victoria for the future,” Ms King said.

“Victoria doesn’t have to settle for the title of Australia’s most progressive state. We can be Australia’s fairest state, too.”

Delivering Fairness contains more than 50 bold and innovative social policies designed to ensure every Victorian can lead a good life.

These include:

  • PROVIDING free public transport travel for school kids from cash-strapped families (already occurs in NSW)
  • INTRODUCING a new ‘Energy for Health’ concession, so all people with health conditions can afford power.
  • SCRAPPING the unfair renter co-contribution for rooftop solar.
  • DELIVERING an emergency funding package for community mental health, in advance of the state’s Mental Health Royal Commission.
  • CLOSING the state’s child prisons and re-directing the savings to diversion and prevention programs.
  • ADDING a ‘rural funding loading’ to all state-funded social services in country areas, in recognition of higher costs.
  • LAUNCHING a public transport super-stop and station accessibility blitz, so every person can use our transit system with ease.

“Victoria doesn’t have to settle for the title of Australia’s most progressive state. We can be Australia’s fairest state, too.”

Ms King said now is also the moment to capitalise on the opportunities presented by dramatic growth forecast in the state’s social care and assistance workforce.

“Our state is on the cusp of a jobs boom, with real benefits to flow for Victorians needing support or assistance.”

“Victoria needs to manage and support this workforce growth with care. We only get one chance to catch this wave of opportunity.”

VCOSS is urging the government to consider the policy proposals in Delivering Fairness as it crafts the state budget, and shapes it’s broader second term policy agenda.

“Victoria can be bold and innovative, and lead the nation on social policy,” Ms King said.

“Victoria can be the national capital of fairness.”


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