Projects and campaigns

Helping communities to thrive.

VCOSS works with communities and like-minded organisations to build resilience, promote inclusive growth and foster a strong social services sector.

This is in addition to our traditional policy development work.

Central to this work is our commitment to wellbeing approaches, and the desire for Victoria to formally embrace wellbeing as a guiding principal for our state.

The projects and work streams listed on this page are managed by VCOSS’ Thriving Communities and Policy and Advocacy teams.

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Wellbeing approaches

Embracing wellbeing means looking beyond conventional economic metrics like GDP.

It’s about measuring what matters, and doing what’s needed.

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Poverty Maps

A new analysis of offiical Census and poverty data reveals a staggering 800,000 Victorians are living in poverty, including more than 200,000 kids.

This work has been done in partnership with economic modelling firm NATSEM.

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Listening Tour

The simple act of listening has intrinsic value.

We’ve travelled the whole state and listened to communities’ needs and hopes—and the action they want for a better future.

Renters’ Rights

Helping the Victorian community understand Victoria’s evolving rental laws, while pushing for new phases of reform.

Disaster Resilience

Working with communities, social service organisations and emergency services to strengthen communities’ preparedness, response and recovery to emergencies.

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Little boy (nineteen month old) is learning about how to water and take care of the veggie garden. He is spraying water on the plants

Climate equity

Research and community outreach to ensure policymakers put fairness at the heart of Victoria’s climate response.

woman in black sleeveless top at a whiteboard with a colleague

Improving student placements

This project will help overcome challenges in the supply and quality of student placements in the community services sector.

Community Services Industry Plan

The 10-Year Community Services Industry Plan presents a unified vision for the Victorian community services industry and the actions required to achieve this vision.

Human Services and Health Partnership Implementation Committee

The Human Services and Health Partnership Implementation Committee (HSHPIC) was established in 2004 to guide and implement the commitments of the 2002 Human Services and Health Partnership Agreement.

Sector funding and regulation

VCOSS plays a key role advocating for better and more secure funding, and fair and sensible regulation, for Victoria’s social sector.

Strengthening Sector Resilience

VCOSS is working wth organisations providing disability information and advocacy services to build their capacity for the transition to the NDIS ILC (and other funding sources).

Key contacts

  • Libby Buckingham
    Director, Thriving Communities
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  • Deborah Fewster
    Director, Policy and Advocacy
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