Policy development

Consulting with members, collecting evidence and analysing trends to develop smart policy proposals for change.

VCOSS doesn’t just raise awareness of the existence, causes and effects of poverty and inequality in Victoria.

We offer solutions.

We are in constant dialogue with our members, people with lived experience, policymakers and other experts to develop smart and workable policy approaches that will make Victoria a better place to live.

We select policy areas that are the most critical and where we can make the biggest difference. Our policy work can be found in flagship reports, formal submissions to government policy development processes and inquires, as well as in our public and private advocacy.

Our role includes

  • Researching and developing approaches for governments and the community sector to adopt
  • Responding to current and proposed government policies and practices
  • Advocating for change using the media and through direct lobbying, and
  • Coordinating community sector responses to emerging issues.

Official VCOSS policy submissions and reports


Hot takes and insights from our team of policy analysts and experts

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Our plan for Victoria's post-pandemic recovery

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Past Victorian budget submissions


2019 — Delivering Fairness

  • Make education affordable
  • Supercharge social housing construction
  • Stop homelessness before it starts
  • Upgrade homes and expand concessions to cut bills and boost wellbeing
  • Meet demand for community service workers
  • Complement free TAFE to help struggling learners
  • Replace child prisons with better alternatives
  • Better support people leaving prison
  • Boost community services quality and innovation with indexation certainty
  • Foster strong, nurturing families Invest in prevention and early intervention services for families.
  • Ensure that people experiencing mental illness continue to get the support they need
  • Stop disability service gaps emerging

   2019 VCOSS Victorian Budget Submission


2018 — Building a better Victoria

  • Develop the community services industry
  • Waive fees for high-growth community services qualifications
  • Accelerate social housing growth
  • Introduce minimum rental standards
  • Save community mental health
  • Embed Aboriginal self-determination
  • Help students with disability thrive in education
  • Replace child prisons with better alternatives
  • Increase focus on preventing family violence
  • Keep supporting young people after they leave state care
  • Provide more funding for disability advocacy
  • Assist Victorians struggling with housing and energy costs

   2018 VCOSS State Budget Submission


2017 — Empowering all Victorians

  • Build more social housing
  • Help students with disability succeed at school
  • Support every child with high quality early learning
  • Retain community mental health rehabilitation services
  • Empower young people leaving care
  • Empower people with disability through independent advocacy services
  • Cut people’s bills with energy efficiency
  • Improve access to legal assistance
  • Empower communities to deliver local solutions with a social innovation fund
  • Develop a community sector workforce plan

   2017 VCOSS State Budget Submission


For enquiries please contact us at vcoss@vcoss.org.au


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