Joining VCOSS

VCOSS members and supporters are part of a powerful movement for change.

VCOSS works in support of its members, and the individuals and communities they support. Our membership is broad and diverse, including frontline service groups, peak bodies, advocacy organisations, awareness groups and material aid agencies.

Members are supported by a range of VCOSS programs, benefits and initiatives, such as:

  • Participation in VCOSS networks, policy forums and communities of practice
  • Access to tailored strategic information and advice
  • Invitations to exclusive events and capacity building exercises
  • Coordinated advocacy and campaigning activity
  • Etc.

As the peak body for the Victorian community sector, we also represent social service organisations on many government boards, advisory panels and steering groups (etc).

Curious about joining VCOSS?

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To make the most of your existing membership please:

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Joining VCOSS

There are two ways to join VCOSS.

As a supporter
Supporters are individuals who pay a flat rate of $50 annually.

All prospective supporters and members must agree to the VCOSS Code of Conduct. The VCOSS Board must approve all applications.

Apply to join

Member application (organisations)

Supporter application (individuals)

  • To support your application, please outline why you wish to join VCOSS. You are welcome to provide any information that you feel is relevant and/or will support your application.
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Codes of Conduct

For members (organisations)

For supporters (individuals)

The VCOSS Code of Conduct forms part of the VCOSS Supporter rules and principles for responsible social and ethical behaviour. You agree to this code of conduct when becoming a supporter of VCOSS.

These are in accordance with the VCOSS values.

When you become a supporter, you agree to be listed as a supporter of VCOSS on the register of supporters.

Any breach of the VCOSS Code of Conduct and values will result in your removal from the register of supporters.

VCOSS supporters must always act:
▫ honestly and in good faith
▫  fairly and reasonably
▫  in a socially responsible manner
▫  treat others with respect and dignity
▫  value the diversity of our community
▫  recognise and avoid conflicts of interest
▫  comply with the letter and spirit of the law.

VCOSS supporters must never:
▫  take improper advantage of their position
▫  mislead others
▫  make improper use of information they have obtained
▫  disclose confidential information
▫  otherwise behave in a way that will reflect badly on VCOSS

VCOSS acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country, and we pay respect to Elders and Ancestors. Our business is conducted on sovereign, unceded Aboriginal land. The VCOSS offices are located on Wurundjeri Woiwurrung land in central Naarm.