Mental Health Royal Commission will save lives Election

Mental Health Royal Commission will save lives

The Victorian Council of Social Service is hailing plans for a Royal Commission into Mental Health as a landmark step that will save lives.

Labor has pledged that, if re-elected, it will launch a Royal Commission into Mental Health and implement all of its recommendations.

“This will shine a light on the failing and flaws of our mental health system,” VCOSS CEO Emma King said.

“It will change lives and save lives.”

Ms King said the shortcomings of Victoria’s mental health system are evident in the twin epidemics of loneliness and suicide.

“Too many people who need help aren’t getting it early enough to make a difference,” she said.

“Our graveyards are full of people who the mental health system failed.”

“Our prisons are full of people who needed mental health support but didn’t get it.”

“This must end.”

Ms King said the broad scope of the Royal Commission should allow a focus on how people with mental health challenges are first identified.

“Mental health services aren’t just delivered in our hospitals.”

“We need to be helping people early—including in community settings such as GP clinics, mothers’ groups, Neighbourhood Houses and Mens’ Sheds—before problems spiral out of control.”

This Labor election pledge will now be added to the comprehensive VCOSS Policy Tracker.


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