Victoria delivers for renters Housing and Homelessness

Victoria delivers for renters

The Victorian Government has delivered a big win for renters, putting fairness back at the centre of the state’s tenancy laws, according to the Victorian Council of Social Service.

“Renters have been getting a raw deal in Victoria, with dodgy landlords getting away with too much, for too long,” VCOSS CEO Emma King said.

“That ends today.”

The Government has announced a comprehensive suite of reforms, including plans to:

  • ABOLISH unfair ‘no reason’ evictions
  • MAKE it easier to tenants to make minor upgrades and keep pets
  • CAP rent increases at once per year
  • BAN rental bidding, and
  • ESTABLISH a Tenants’ Commissioner to champion renters’ rights.

“Victorians are renting for longer than at any time in history, making strong protections for tenants more important than ever,” Ms King said.

“These changes will help level the playing field.”

“All renters will benefit, but especially those on low-incomes or facing disadvantage who currently lack the power, time and resources to enforce their rights.”

VCOSS called for many of the reforms announced today in its submission to the Government’s review of the Residential Tenancies Act.

We understand the Government is also currently finalising its response to the need for minimum standards for rental properties in Victoria—another central recommendation of the VCOSS submission.

“Minimum rental standards are a key piece of unfinished businesses,” Ms King said.

“We need to stop dodgy landlords from renting homes in a state of gross disrepair.”

“Just as cars require a ‘roadworthy’ before they can be driven, homes should be required to meet a set of minimum standards and declared ‘homeworthy’ before they can be rented.”

“VCOSS looks forward to working with the Government to ensure all Victorians have a safe, secure and affordable home.

Rental-announceVCOSS CEO Emma King helps announce new rights for renters in Victoria.

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