COVID-19 changes everything and nothing

Victoria is entering a period of economic hardship and social upheaval. In blunt terms, hard times lie ahead.

The national response to COVID-19 will be significant and far-reaching. Governments will get some things right, and some things wrong. We’ll be here to help inform the response and apply scrutiny when it’s needed.

We’ll make sure the voices of people doing it tough are front and center.

Alongside frontline health workers, the community sector will also play an essential role in our community response; helping keep people safe and well, and cushioning the impacts of the looming economic downturn.

For over 70 years, VCOSS has fought for equality, fairness, economic justice and the right of every person to lead a good life, regardless of their individual circumstances.

That fight has never been so important. Our commitment to this goal is unwavering.

We will work hard to make sure the community sector is supported to play its critical role, that the response to COVID-19 and tough economic conditions are comprehensive and fair, and that we emerge from this challenge stronger and more connected than before.

There’s a lot of work to be done. It won’t be easy.

We’ll be working hard to ensure everybody is supported, and nobody is left behind.

Media Releases

Apr 15

This package will mean renters can stay at home and help ‘flatten the curve’.

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Apr 24

A Big Build To End Homelessness would stimulate the economy and put a roof over those most in need.

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Mar 17

The last thing we need is predatory bank bosses or dodgy debt collectors making the damage of COVID-19 worse.

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Issues and Analysis

Read Veronica Heritage-Gorrie’s moving personal story, the first in our ‘My Corona’ series about experiences of the pandemic.

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"For a blind person, being unable to deal with the thought of germs would be debilitating." Read Olivia Muscatt's 'My Corona' story.

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Governments can build new housing much quicker than the private sector.

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Latest policy

VCOSS produces formal submissions to dozens of inquiries and policy development processes each year. These are prepared in consultation with VCOSS members and the broader sector. Stand alone policy reports on topics of significance are also produced. You can view all our work in the VCOSS Policy Library.

VCAL must provide kids with flexible learning options and career pathways while they're at school, and set them up for success beyond the school gate.

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Reorienting from crisis to prevention is the only way to end homelessness.

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Australia needs a consumer-driven scheme that is centred on participant choice and control. VCOSS remains a staunch champion of such a system.

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If the lower rate of Newstart was unfair before COVID-19, it will still be unfair after the pandemic.

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There’s no doubt about it; Australia’s housing system is broken. Change is needed.

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Securing change for Victorians with disability.

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