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Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 will help keep us safe. But just as importantly, it will allow us to get back to the things we love. Back to the good things.

The Victorian Government is slashing funding to the state’s social service organisations and frontline charities.

This will mean service cuts and job losses, especially among Victorian women.

We cannot let this happen.

Funding must increase with the true cost of delivering services.



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VCOSS is the peak representative body for Victoria’s social and community sector, and the state’s leading social advocacy organisation.

We are working to create a Victoria free from poverty and disadvantage.

A state that is fair, just and fully inclusive.

Where nobody is trapped by poverty, and every person and every community enjoys true wellbeing.


VCOSS CEO Emma King on why individual and community wellbeing should be the key goal in our post-COVID recovery.

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How we work
Policy and research

Consulting with members, collecting evidence and analysing trends to develop smart policy proposals for change.

Public and private advocacy

Using our relationships, influence, community connections and public profile to campaign for a fair and just Victoria.

Supporting organisations

Working with members organisations and allies to ensure the community sector is strong, well-funded and resilient.


Analysis and insights

The latest from VCOSS members and staff.

VicHealth CEO, Dr Sandro Demaio, on why we must build a common understanding of what a wellbeing economy can offer

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I can’t help but feel a sharp sense of dread and loss when someone asks, “So, what do you do?”

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There are more than 130 changes to Victoria’s renting rules. Here are the key ones.

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Our policy impact

VCOSS seeks to shape and inform public policy debates.
Each year, we prepare formal submissions to dozens of inquiries and policy development processes.

These are prepared in consultation with VCOSS members and the broader sector.

We also undertake original research and create stand alone policy statements on topics of significance.