We’re helping build a society free from poverty, where all people are supported to thrive.

VCOSS represents charities, frontline service organisations, social advocacy bodies, awareness groups and everyday people experiencing poverty, disadvantage, exclusion or discrimination. We are not a direct service organisation. Our work includes advocacy, policy development and building the capabilities of social service bodies.

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Media Releases

Nov 28

The Commission is giving us an early look at the first steps for a system that works.

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Nov 12

The Victorian Government has unveiled an impressive though imperfect list of minimum standards for rental properties

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Oct 20

It shouldn’t just be the ‘healthy and wealthy’ who are supported through climate change.

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Analysis and commentary


The Mental Health Royal Commission's nine priority recommendations, summarised and analysed.

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Major VCOSS report on how Victoria can take climate action that is fair and equitable.

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VCOSS submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

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Newstart is not working. $40 per day is too low to get people through tough times.

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There’s no doubt about it; Australia’s housing system is broken. Change is needed.

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Securing change for Victorians with disability.

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