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VCOSS membership


Join the powerful voice against poverty and inequality.

Become a VCOSS member.



VCOSS is the peak body of the non-government social and community services sector in Victoria. We raise awareness of the existence, causes and effects of poverty and inequality, and work to create a more just society through policy development and advocacy.

Membership is open to all individuals and organisations in Victoria who support the VCOSS vision and mission.

Your application will then be considered at the monthly meeting of the VCOSS Board, and once approved, a tax invoice and member pack will be posted to you.



APPLY NOW (organisations)

Printable application forms:

For organisations Word  Pdf
For individuals     Word  Membership form for individuals


Membership benefits

SECTOR SUPPORT—VCOSS can make your organisation stronger

Representatives of VCOSS member organisations receive free or discounted entry to numerous conferences, seminars and workshops, including the member-only CEO and Presidents’ Forum. Members are also eligible to attend formal policy consultation sessions.

VCOSS co-chairs the Department of Education’s Community Sector Governance Group and the Department of Health and Human Services’ Health and Human Services Partnership Implementation Committee (HSHPIC). Through these partnerships VCOSS convenes regular events and roundtables, and works to renegotiate the Victorian Common Funding Agreement.

Evaluate the financial and governance health of your organisation with these powerful online self-assessment tools designed exclusively for VCOSS members. This will help your organisations evolve and respond to the rapidly changing community sector environment. (Coming in 2017.)

You will benefit from VCOSS’s relationships with a range of businesses and service providers including Officeworks (discount printing and product delivery), Monash IT (IT supper through the VCOSS-Monash IT Industry Experience Project) and the Australian Institute of Management and Pathways Australia (training provider).


POLICY—VCOSS can help you influence social change

VCOSS responds with authority to a wide range of government reviews, inquiries and proposals, producing original research on critical and emerging issues. Members can help inform VCOSS policy positions through formal and informal consultations. These sessions enable members to share knowledge and ideas with organisations across a wide range of sectors.

VCOSS has expertise in a wide range of social policy areas including education, disability, family violence, housing, health, justice, emergency management, energy and sector sustainability (etc). Our policy teams shares its expertise with members and works towards a greater understanding of the issues affecting people facing poverty and disadvantage.

VCOSS advocates through a variety of mechanisms, including our policy publications, reports and public commentary. Members can inform our policy advocacy by raising pressing and emerging issues, or potential solutions in your sector.


COMMUNICATIONS—VCOSS can help strengthen your voice

Victoria’s community sector has the loudest voice when it speaks together. VCOSS is always open to discussions with members about joint media statements, co-branded media releases and open letters. This is not suitable for every issue or event, but we’re eager to collaborate where appropriate.

This website is a powerful way to pursue your organisation’s strategic agenda. We can help you craft a ‘guest blog’ analyzing or advocating on a particular issue. Articles are posted online, promoted through social media and featured in our email newsletter to VCOSS members and supporters. Please refer to our Guest Blog Guidelines.

VCOSS enews is our fortnightly newsletter to all members and supporters (roughly 3,500). VCOSS members can submit items for consideration for free. VCOSS enews also accepts paid advertising. Items are included subject to strict suitability and space requirements. Please refer to our enews Submission Guidelines.

This network provides a supportive environment for communications staff working inside VCOSS member organisations to share ideas, collaborate on projects and even pool resources. Regular meetings are held throughout the year.

Insight is VCOSS’s flagship print magazine produced three times a year. Each edition features research, analysis, news and commentary from across the community sector. Copies are posted to all VCOSS members and subscribers.

NOTE: Some befits do not apply to individual members. Individual membership is not transferable


 JOIN ONLINE (organisations only)

Printable application forms:

For organisations Word  Pdf
For individuals Word  Membership form for individuals