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Rental housing needs standards too

24 November 2014 – Under current Victorian law you could rent out a cardboard box in your backyard and as long as it had a smoke alarm fitted, it’d be legal. We need to set minimum legal standards that rental homes must meet, to increase tenants' safety and security.

Youth Connections
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Filling the Youth Connections gap

24 November 2014 – Following the Federal Government cutting all funding for the highly successful Youth Connections program, the Victorian Youth Connections Provider Network has been working with the State Government to highlight the significant gap that Youth Connections will leave in Victoria. They have developed a proposal to keep supporting the 10,000 young Victorians currently not in engaged in education.

Tackling unemployment report
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Tackling Victoria’s unemployment problem

21 November 2014 – Victoria’s unemployment rate is rising and it is people who already face disadvantage who are being affected most often, for the longest periods, and with the most serious consequences. In our new paper 'Tackling unemployment', VCOSS lays out four key strategies for a workforce participation plan that would tackle unemployment and help all Victorians get back to work.

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VCOSS to launch plan for tackling unemployment

21 November 2014 – VCOSS launches our vision for a workforce participation plan that connects Victoria’s vulnerable people with the skills and jobs they need.

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Give early childhood education the priority it deserves

20 November 2014 – To support quality early learning in Victoria, Early Learning Association Australia wants the next state government to take quick action on three critical issues: maintaining 15 hours of kindergarten programs beyond 2015; supporting the National Quality Framework; and resolving the industrial dispute in the early learning sector.

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