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Justice and disadvantage? Just add rurality….

20 October 2014 – Major changes to our justice system are needed to improve access to justice for people living in rural and regional areas.

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Governments under-invest in natural disaster mitigation: Productivity Commission

17 October 2014 – The Australian Government’s Productivity Commission’s recently released Natural Disaster Funding Draft Report argues that a greater focus on mitigation would limit the impact of natural disasters, and the Australian Government should increase mitigation funding to the States.

EWOV Annual Report
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Energy retailers need to lift their game to prevent disconnections

16 October 2014 – Today, more than 300 people will phone the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) with a complaint about their energy retailer. Sixty of them will be calling about a payment issue, and 35 of them will have been threatened with disconnection or already been disconnected. Almost four in every five customers with credit-related issues tried two or more times to sort it out with their retailer first; and almost a third tried five or more times. It's time for energy retailers to lift their game.

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Rising energy retailer complaints require action

16 October 2014 – The rising rate of utilities disconnections and complaints revealed by the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria must prompt government action to address the underlying causes of energy hardship.

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We need action to keep people safe during heatwaves

15 October 2014 – VCOSS has continually warned of the impact of heatwave on vulnerable Victorians, and has long called for heatwave to be included in Victoria’s emergency management arrangements and to be considered a state level emergency. The Victorian Auditor General agrees, finding that while Victoria has a state-level emergency plan for tsunamis, it does not have a state-level plan for heatwaves.

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