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Young people transitioning from out-of-home care in Victoria

31 October 2014 – Strengthening support services for clients of child protection and youth justice By: Associate Professors Philip Mendes and Pamela Snow and Ms. Susan Baidawi, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University, Victoria, Australia There has been longstanding concern about the over-representation of young […]

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Spreading the benefits of energy efficiency to everyone

30 October 2014 – Anne Martinelli outlines how the One Million Homes Alliance plan to roll out energy efficiency retrofits to low income households would save billions of dollars in Victoria's concessions budget, create jobs, and reduce energy and water costs in the community.

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Improving transport accessibility

29 October 2014 – Despite improvements made to public transport accessibility in recent years in Victoria, much more work is needed to ensure everyone can use public transport.

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Funding for youth diversion programs a good step

28 October 2014 – The State Government has made the welcome announcement that it will direct more than $7 million towards youth diversion programs if re-elected in November. The two year pilot announced on Sunday will be followed by a state-wide pre-plea, legislated system, giving young people the same opportunity for diversion available to adults.

From Principles to Practice
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From Principles to Practice

27 October 2014 – Achieving the best outcomes for clients, working in partnership and providing program flexibility are among 10 principles the Victorian Government has adopted for further developing its relationship with the community sector. A new VCOSS paper aims to help interpret the principles underpinning the government's services sector reform project, with examples of how they have been used in practice.

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