The link between disadvantage and extreme heat in Melbourne


New VCOSS research has revealed the link between Melbourne’s hottest and most disadvantaged suburbs.

Urban ‘heat islands’ are built-up areas that trap heat and make hot days even hotter.

For low-income Victorians living in ‘heat island’ suburbs, the local environment is working against them on hot days.

As the research notes, “the implications for policymakers responsible for addressing urban heat are that data should be used to target interventions at local government areas with high levels of disadvantage and high urban heat island effect”.

Attributable to VCOSS CEO Juanita Pope:

Poorer people are living in hotter suburbs, often in cheaper housing, and feeling the heat a lot more.

For low-income Victorians in ‘heat island’ suburbs, the local environment is working against them.

Extreme heat is a threat to everybody, but especially those already living with a health condition or on a low-income.

Living on a low-income or with a health condition severely limits your ability to prepare for a heat wave and stay cool.

Part of the solution is greening our suburbs; more trees, more parks and less concrete.

But we also need to that recognise people on lower incomes, who live in cheaper housing in hotter areas, need extra support to deal with heat.

We need more investment to help low-income households keep cool, including free housing retrofits to enhance energy efficiency and comfort.


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